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This information is general advice only and has not been prepared by taking your individual financial objectives or situation into account.

About Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett is a professional trader and over the last 10 years has trained mentored and guided over 4000 ordinary (and some well known) Australians how to trade.

Highly regarded among his peers, he was formally the host of Australia’s only dedicated currency program ‘Money Exchange’ on Sky Business Channel.

Andrew holds a Diploma in Financial Services and is an authorised representative, registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

His focus is to maximise daily trading profit, minimise risk, plus-most importantly-enjoy time for family, friends, and his favourite hobbies.


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From Professional Water Skier to Professional Trader 

How a broken leg led me to discover how to trade the financial markets

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, learnt to water ski at the age of 6 and the moment my high school studies were completed I left Australia to live in the USA and compete on the International Water Ski Tour. I did this until my career was cut short when I broke my femur whilst competing at an event in Florida.

Being married with our first son I suddenly realised my career as a professional water skier had come to an abrupt end and I desperately needed to transition into the “real world.” Having only a high school education and due to my water skiing career I’d never had a real job, never had a boss and never had to show up to work at 9am. I cringed at the thought of having to find a real job. I desperately wanted a career that afforded me the same lifestyle benefits I’d previously enjoyed.

All through my 20’s I’d had a fascination with the financial markets and dreamed about one day being a Wall Street trader. The only problem was I would need a University degree to get a job at an investment bank and I didn’t have one of those. And besides I didn’t want to live in the concrete jungle of New York, Sydney or London.

For months as my broken femur healed I contemplated my future and kept coming back to wanting to fulfil my wild dream of becoming “a trader.” If I could earn enough money we could live anywhere in the world. I convinced my wife to let me give it a try, we had approximately $250,000 worth of equity in our home and I thought I would give it two years and see what happened. 

At first they laughed at us when we tried to lure the top traders away from the big banks…   

I knew I needed education but I didn’t want to learn from just anyone, I wanted to learn from big money traders who had traded millions of dollars for big banks. I wanted to learn the secret sauce used by investment banks and hedge funds that made the lions share of profits in financial markets. 

By chance through a friend of a friend I was introduced to a trader who had just lost his job at Goldman Sachs. That same friend also told me there was an employment agency in Sydney who specialised in hiring traders for banks. So off I went with a fellow trader I had met who wanted to join with me and hire real traders. We flew to Sydney, knocked on the agencies door and asked if we could hire some traders to work for us.

Initially we were laughed at, nobody had ever asked such a strange request and the agency sunk our hopes when they told us we would need around $300,000 to hire one trader. We had intended to pay a maximum of $50,000 tops. But we persisted and kept knocking on doors and within a couple of months had hired two traders. One had worked at Goldman Sachs and the other at National Australia Bank.

So powerful and profitable were the systems I learnt I went on to hire traders who had also worked at Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, Cantor Fitzgerald. Through hiring these big money traders I was also introduced to many of their friends who had worked and traded hundreds of million of dollars for banks such as JP Morgan.

What I learned from hiring and trading with these guys has been life changing. Not just financially but also from the perspective of the life I have been able to afford my wife and kids. Being able to give them incredible life experiences and allow them to chase their dreams.

Through years of trading, I have gained the key knowledge and experience to trade the financial markets successfully with informed decisions backed up by strategy. 

I now have a system of knowledge in my head that will ensure I never have to work for anyone else in my life. I am financially independent and will never have to give my money to anyone else and live in hope as millions of people around the world do. My family and I can live anywhere we like, I have no ceiling on my income and I truly believe I have the best career in the world. 

After a while, seeing the amazing lifestyle I was living and my wealth consistently growing, my family and friends started asking how it was done. So I started teaching.  

As their results grew, so did my number of students. I soon had rooms full of people lining up to learn the trading strategies we had taken from the big banks and we’re now using to build wealth for ourselves.  

In fact, we created such a commotion that before long I was given my own TV show, which ended up being the #1 show about currency on Australian television.  

I Had The #1 TV Show in Australia About Currency Trading 

I am often asked why do this?

Why teach others the strategy used inside investment banks? Why not keep it a secret and just sit at home and trade my own money. Firstly, there are no secrets to looking after your own money successfully, but there are specific systems and strategies you must apply consistently over a series of trades that will add up to a lot of money.

But the real reason why I decided to start Trading Mastery is this. When I desperately wanted to learn to trade, I needed a mentor, I needed someone to share with me the success principles of how it really worked, so I could live my dream life. Without those traders to mentor me and coach me I would not be where I am today. I owe everything I have to the decision to hire those traders.

Therefore, those of us that enjoy success should give back, we should offer to mentor and coach others who also want to achieve success in the financial markets. Trading Mastery is my offering to help you achieve the financial success you’ve always dreamed about.

I look forward to helping you learn. 

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