How Has Trading Changed My Life?

Imagine having nobody telling you when you have to show up to work, no sitting in traffic and no concrete jungle to enter every day to spend 9 – 5 thinking about what it would be like to be somewhere else. As a successful trader you will never get fired, you will never be reliant on anyone else for a job or money ever again and you will most probably positively influence your family, your friends and your communities.

In my opinion trading is an amazing career. 

No overhead, no staff, no wages to pay, no rent to pay, no stock to buy and sell, no website to build and maintain. As a trader your only competition is you, behave correctly, manage risk appropriately, learn how financial markets work with me and you too can live a truly magnificent life.

Trading means that I am looking after my own money, successfully and you can have it too. Yes, I love making money but I don’t just trade for the money, I trade because if affords me and my family the opportunity to live an incredibly fulfilling life, and I don’t just mean financially.

The average person lives to around 78 or 79, they work until they are 67, so they work 50 plus years to be free for around 10 years. And most people are not free when they retire because they spend the rest of their life worrying about running out of money. Unless you learn how to successfully manage your money starting now and learn to grow it yourself the reality is you will likely join the billions of people around the world who sadly die poor.

You see, money is everything when you don’t have any and money can fix virtually every problem you will ever have, so don’t let anyone tell you money isn’t important or money doesn’t fix your problems. When you have no money, money will fix everything and when I finished my professional water-skiing career, I had lived a rich life but I had no money. Trading has ensured that not only do I have a rich life from a lifestyle perspective but I also have a rich life financially.

What’s the downside? Trading is considered by many to be a potential quick fix to financial problems, an opportunity to generate consistent income sitting on a laptop by the pool every day. The reality is far different and whilst I do enjoy sitting by the pool and I refuse to have a traditional office (they are energy suckers) there are specific processes that need to be followed every day. The same processes and systems used by big money traders inside investment banks and hedge funds.


I have not been an instant success; I didn’t have a formal education from a University and I had never had a real job until I was 28 when I finished my professional water-skiing career. I was just a water ski bum. What I did have however was a desperate need, a need to continue to live a lifestyle that gave me the opportunity to live anywhere in the world and generate an income that could support my growing family. I dreaded the thought of having to get a real job and go to work and for a very short time I did have a real job, and hated it.

How I learnt to trade was considered crazy at the time but it has been the catalyst for my success and I am willing to share it with you when you become a client with me at Trading Mastery.

When I was a professional water skier, I was afforded the opportunity to train with the best, be coached by people who had walked the walk, not just talk the talk. When I started my trading career, I wanted to have the same coaches so I made it my business to hunt down and only hire traders that had worked for investment banks and hedge funds. It cost me every penny I had but I was prepared to invest in hiring the right traders that could teach me the systems used inside big banks and hedge funds. Let’s face it they make the lion’s share of the profits in financial markets. Doing this has been my personal secret sauce and what I have done is take the strategies used on multimillion-dollar accounts and transition the processes to work the same on smaller account trades by mums and dads.

Because of the diversified systems I use that manages the risk to less than 2% per position, I have a system, the same systems you will learn, that ensures I win big and lose small. It’s that simple. The very same simple systems used by investment banks and hedge funds for decades and decades, systems that have stood the test of time when markets have risen and fallen.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the Trading Mastery family and look forward to hearing about your success.