4 Blue Chip Stocks Every Investor Should Own

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Tesla

7 reasons why I think you should own these incredible stocks?

  1. Because they are such powerhouse companies and hold such market dominance the stock market could close for the next 10 years and it would not likely matter. The probability is each of these companies will be worth so much more in 10 years than they are now.


  2. Every one of these amazing companies has a superior differentiated advantage over their competitors. In many respects they untouchable and anyone trying to copy or imitate them will likely fail. They are the Coca Cola of the modern times. Nobody has come close to Coke in the last 50 years; however, many have tried unsuccessfully.


  3. Their users have incredible loyalty which affords them market dominance.


  4. They are run by extremely competent management teams that understand constant change and evolution is a must.


  5. They are innovation companies that are in market sectors that are continuing to explode and their growth potential is extraordinary.


  6. Each of these companies has intellectual property that is extremely valuable and will only become more valuable in time.


  7. Great brands rarely advertise. Marketing is one of the biggest costs a business has and it is unlikely you will see many Apple, Microsoft, Google or Tesla adds. In fact, Tesla spends zero on ads.

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